Frequently Asked Questions


I primarily work with lawyers and legal professionals. I work with all levels and types of attorney: associates, income and equity partners, solo practitioners, and in-house counsel and legal administrators at the manager, director and chief levels.

About 20% of my practice is devoted to non-lawyer corporate executives.

Coaching Process

I meet with my clients for 1.5 hours for our first session. During that time, we build tools for on-going coaching including getting clear on Strengths (using StrengthsFinder Assessment), Values, Saboteurs (using Positive Intelligence Saboteur Assessment) and Goals. All on-going sessions are 55min. My clients set the agenda for what they want to focus on during each call. I generally speak to my clients every other week, although I let my clients determine how frequently they’d like coaching. Engagements can run from 3 months up to a year or longer, depending on the services requested.

Expectations & Benefits

I ask that my clients be candid and honest with me and I agree to do the same – let’s keep it real. As your coach, I will help you see your own inclinations and habits and then help you change the behaviors that do not serve your goals. This requires that clients be willing to try new things. I will help you explore different perspectives and reframe your assertions to help you expand your ability to evaluate possible alternatives and outcomes. This requires that clients be willing to suspend disbelief.

Background Information on Clients

I do not generally gather information from anyone other than my clients, unless they ask me to do so.

Case Studies

A client came to me frustrated with her legal career because she was not getting the type of work she wanted at her firm. She was resigned to the “fact” that she was never going to get what she wanted and would need to transition to another firm. Together we identified key power-brokers in the firm and designed multiple conversations she could have with them about her career ambitions. Over the course of a few months, having conversations and delivering good work product, she was able to transfer Practice Groups and get the work she wanted. This was a win for the client and the firm.

A client who is Assistant General Counsel came to me to strengthen his management skills. He has a team of 4 people and is struggling in leading his team. We have been coaching for only 3 months and he has already learned to better set expectations, to deliver real-time-actionable feedback and to be more self-aware of his micro-managing tendencies.

Numerous clients come to me for help in interview preparation. I had one client hire me exclusively for that purpose. She had been rejected previously from the role. Together we worked on her confidence and leading with authenticity. She successfully secured the position after our 6 coaching sessions.

The single most important factor that leads to a successful coaching relationship

I believe that candor is the most important factor in a coaching relationship. It’s important that my clients feel they can be honest with me and that I don’t feel the need to hold back and can be direct and honest with them… this is how the growth happens.

Fee Structure & Ranges

I charge by the hour and I invoice my coaching clients monthly. My rates range between $250-350 per hour.
Darien’s coaching is a treasure. What sets Darien apart is not just the incredible amount of knowledge she has, or even the powerful and professional approach she takes toward guiding and coaching one through breaking down barriers — what sets Darien apart is her life’s calling to coaching. She approaches the craft with passion and dedication. And it is obvious. You will see, hear, and feel that she is in her element from your first meeting to your last. That is what makes Darien truly unique and truly invaluable as a coach — she teaches you how to align yourself with your life calling with the same passion and dedication she brings to her own work.

I am so thankful for her expertise. She has helped me find my strengths, rediscover my purpose, and move forward. I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Darien.


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