Training + Facilitation

Darien Fleming provides a comprehensive array of core communication + team essentials training.

All trainings are interactive and designed to engage the participants in the learning lessons. Each training session provides effective tools to deliver content and help participants put that content into action.

Popular Training + Facilitation:

Clifton Strengths + Strengths Based Teams

Gallup research tells us that to become an interdependent team – one that is more profitable, more productive, and more engaged – we need to create a team environment that provides each team member with an opportunity to do what he/she does best every day.

Integrating the Clifton Strengths Assessment and strengths-based principles into team thought and behavior will help the team enhance partnerships, appreciate diverse work styles and values, and maximize performance and efficiency.

Through this training, team members will have a chance to explore their individual talents and learn how to leverage those talents to work with others.

Effective Workplace Comunication Using DiSC®

Studies show that 70% of mistakes in the workplace are a direct result of poor communication. Good communication drives good working relationships and greater productivity.

Participants will learn about the DiSC® communication styles. Participants will learn how to quickly assess the communication style of others, and how best to approach the different styles. Participants will begin to appreciate the need to be versatile in order to have more effective relationships with others.


  • Executive Presence – Presenting with Gravitas
  • Building Resilience + chaos management for managers
  • Coaching Techniques

Actionable Feedback for Attorneys (available for managers as well)

Providing meaningful feedback to associates is hard and time-consuming. It takes a lot of energy to think about and articulate what makes a person good or bad at his/her job.

But without feedback, poor performers will not modify behavior and those who are performing well will not understand their true talent.

Through this session, participants will gain an understanding of the importance of giving feedback, learn how to effectively deliver feedback orally and in writing as part of the annual review process, and become inspired to engage in ongoing feedback sessions with associates.


  • Receiving and Acting on Feedback
  • Drafting Effective Self-Evaluations

Delegation + Supervision for Attorneys (available for managers as well)

We are busy and overloaded with action items on our To Do lists. These growing lists make us feel overwhelmed and ultimately unproductive.

We know we need help, and we actually have people who can help us, but we don’t know how to get the work off of our plates.

Developing delegation skills is essential to advancing to Partner.  Attorneys need to open themselves up for higher level tasks and business development time. This session will help participants identify and overcome common barriers to delegation and provide techniques to overcome them.  Participants will be introduced to the deceptively straightforward process of delegation, including how to determine the WHO, WHAT, and HOW. Participants will walk away with skills to more effectively supervise and coach junior associates.


  • Optimizing your time: time management techniques
  • Effective Mentoring & Sponsorship

Business Development Fundamentals for Attorneys

Developing business is an essential element for a thriving attorney in today’s legal industry.  At its core, this means developing and nurturing relationships. This program is designed to expose attorneys to the process of identifying and engaging with their network and developing habits and behaviors that increase their ability to build valuable relationships inside and outside the Firm and advance their legal practice.


  • Networking Nuggets
  • Building Your Personal Brand
  • Developing Your Practice Plan

Identify gaps.  Find the tools.  Engage the team.   Maximize potential.

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